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Today's Buildings. Tomorrow's Problems

(Unless we do something about it now!)

We live in a mobile-first, highly connected world and reliable communications infrastructure within buildings has evolved from a luxury to a necessity.  

But Real Estate is the last of the big industries to undergo true digital transformation.

And with so much of the decision-making still following more traditional approaches, it risks not only getting left behind but creating even bigger problems for itself down the line by not being more future-focused. 

Together, by straddling the intersection of real estate and technology, we seek to overcome these issues.

For more sustainable, more productive, more ‘healthy’ buildings and workspaces that deliver shared value for all stakeholders across the value system and future generations to come.

A Smart Connected Building Benefits Everyone

  • Building Owners:
    Increase your asset value and investment returns by attracting and retaining higher value tenants
  • Building Managers:
    Simplify your facilities management, and reduce energy & maintenance costs 
  • Building Users: 
    Healthier, more productive and collaborative spaces in which you work, live and play 

What is "Smart Connected Buildings"?

Founded in 2018 with a clear vision to educate and innovate in the space where technology, buildings and people meet, Smart Connected Buildings is a global community of like-minded professionals working across the global real estate, technology, IT and telecoms value chains.

Together, we’re committed to understanding the true value digital transformation will deliver property owners and how next generation software, automation and wireless infrastructure will shape the internet of things (IoT).

Driving the business case for more sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective buildings, we also advise clients how technology can increase asset value, generate revenue, and enhance workplace productivity and living experiences.

Exactly What Is A
'Smart Connected Building', Anyway?

Great question! We’re glad you asked.  To put it simply...

A bit like the smartphone in your pocket is really just a 'dumb' device without all the apps installed and an internet connection, a building is just a ‘dumb’ shell without a reliable digital infrastructure and, ideally, a great wireless connection too.  

Connected Buildings

Once you’ve got this digital infrastructure and in-building wireless sorted, you’ve got yourself a ‘Connected Building’: a way to connect to your building - and the people in it - to the internet/Cloud, and the outside world.

But the real magic happens when you add the application layer.

Smart Connected Buildings

When you use that connectivity to link all the technology and the people in the building together (linking voice, data, mobile & cloud connectivity), and tapping into the Internet of Things (IoT), to create buildings and cities that are almost living, breathing organisms of their own.  

Now that’s a smart, connected building!

Do you share our vision?

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