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In-building Mobile

Wifi vs 5G: Choosing the Right Technology for a Future-Ready Building Today

Wifi vs 5G: Choosing the Right Technology for a Future-Ready Building Today“What’s the difference between WiFi and 5G?” has got to be one of the most common questions I’ve been asked by those looking to invest in new wireless connectivity solutions recently. It’s easy to see why there are so many questions, with nuances between generations Read more…

In-building Mobile

What’s Driving the Demand for In-Building Mobile Signal Enhancement?

There are over 5.5billion people in the world aged over 14. More than half of these have at least one mobile phone. We are now entering a time of a truly connected world. The Evolution of Mobile When the mobile phone was first produced, customers were amazed that it was even possible to transmit and Read more…

Digital Infrastructure & IoT, In-building Mobile

Smart Hotels Offer Guests a World-Class Digital and Wireless Experience

Tourists, guests, and business travellers spend a lot of their stay time on their smartphone. Many hotel chains, including Hilton, already offer keyless check-in services and door entry through mobile apps, and increasing numbers of hotel guests use their smartphone for in-stay activities such as booking room service and ordering food and drink. However, many hotels still Read more…

In-building Mobile, Smart Workplaces

Have a BYOD Policy at Work? You’re Going to Need a Reliable Mobile Signal

Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) has become a commonly discussed concept in enterprise organisations, but we’re yet to see widespread adoption; however, the trends are all suggesting that the next few years might see that change. A 2017 study by Cisco found that 69% of IT decision-makers were in favour of BYOD, and research conducted by Markets and Read more…

In-building Mobile

No mobile signal within buildings! Problems experienced and solutions available

Poor mobile signal creates friction and frustration for users  When it comes to mobile voice and data, these days we expect things to work – just work – wherever we are and however we move in and out of buildings.  However, this presents challenges for property managers and owners because, depending on the building, it Read more…

In-building Mobile

Mobile coverage solutions within buildings

What’s Driving the Demand for In-Building Mobile Signal Enhancement (Part 2) Mobile users expectations are changing!  When it comes to mobile voice and data, our expectations are changing.  Our requirements are changing. Our behaviours are changing.  But what is driving these changes?  What do people want?  What do they need?  And is there a middle Read more…

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