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The demand for enhanced connectivity and mobile services within the workplace is increasing dramatically. There is a strong shift from landlines to smart phone and mobile devises. This is sometimes a company’s choice but often created by bring our own devise (BYOD) and flexible working trends. Enterprises are also adopting cloud-based enterprise services access from any devise which is creating a massive strain on existing wireless infrastructure solutions.

Our mobile coverage and wifi solution sets complement each other as both approaches have particular strengths for the enterprise. Mobile coverage solutions are optimal to provide secure, reliable, enterprise-tailed voice capabilities to all mobile devises which is the primary requirement driving demand for small cells.

Finally, the adoption of ‘mobile-first’ strategies is seen across many organisations and will be catalysed by the assured quality of services and enhanced service of 4G moving to 5G infrastructure.

Finally, a new generation of wireless technology will be game changer for the enterprise - Private LTE networks. LTE as an enterprise service will be as easy to deploy as wifi and deliver assured services for voice, video and data.

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