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What’s Driving the Demand for In-Building Mobile Signal Enhancement (Part 2)

Mobile users expectations are changing! 

When it comes to mobile voice and data, our expectations are changing.  Our requirements are changing. Our behaviours are changing.  But what is driving these changes?  What do people want?  What do they need?  And is there a middle ground where we can provide for this demand in an affordable way?

Mobile User Voice and Data Requirements

In this video, our Managing Director, Paul Bingham, reveals some staggering facts as he looks into what’s driving the demand for in-building mobile voice and data traffic. He also introduces the topic of mobile coverage within buildings and gives some real-world usage scenarios where mobile coverage inside your building provides true value to landlords and tenants. 

Smartphone usage indoors is driving voice and data demand 

We spend 98% of our time indoors or in transit.  Little wonder then, that over 80% of voice and data traffic emanates from within buildings.

What are people using mobile data for?

  • Telephone calls
  • Video conference calls
  • Internet
  • Video content
  • Social media sites
  • Watching entertainment channels
  • Listening to music
  • Communicating via email
  • Creating Wi-Fi hotspots

And this demand is only going to increase.  In Ericsson’s Mobility Report [1], they have predicted that by 2022 the average smartphone data traffic in Western Europe will increase to 20GB per month. In 2016, it was less than 3GB.

But consider also that adoption of smartphones is also continuing its increase in a linear fashion, with [2] reporting that in 2017 85% of adults had a smartphone, and 68% had a tablet, increasing the data requirements still further.

Clearly, individuals are using their mobile devices everywhere.  More people are doing it, and they are doing it more.  And they expect these services to just work, wherever they are.

The solution to reliable mobile signal in all parts of a building

What does the perfect solution look like?

Firstly, it must deliver mobile service from all four of the mobile network operators in the UK:

  • EE
  • O2
  • Vodafone
  • Three

Secondly, it ideally needs to cover all operating frequencies (2G, 3G and 4G). However, as we move towards ‘Enterprise Small Cell’ solutions a fully 4G, multi-operator solution will deliver both voice and data services and much needed network capacity and bandwidth.

Finally, it needs to reach all parts of the building, including difficult areas such as lifts and basements, allowing usage to continue as users transition from one area to the next.

A perfect mobile signal across the four major providers is possible now, but as the population’s expectations continue to grow, so will the need for a good quality mobile signal in all areas of all buildings.

Want to improve your in-building mobile coverage?

Perfect 4G signal across the 4 major providers.  Learn more about our in-building coverage solutions.  It’s possible, and more and more your customers will expect it.  To learn more about implementing this in your building, give us a call on 0208 191 8902.