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In-Building Mobile Connectivity

Quality reliable mobile signal indoors

We typically spend 98% of our time indoors or in transit. It’s for this reason 80% of mobile phone usage occurs indoors, but achieving quality wireless coverage is becoming increasingly difficult, as modern energy efficient construction materials shield buildings from external wireless signals.

We are on a mission to solve the challenge of delivering good quality and reliable mobile signal within buildings.

Solving the challenge of delivering quality mobile coverage in buildings

  • No more dropped or intermittent calls when indoors
  • No more unimpressed visitors and building occupants complaining about poor mobile signal
  • No more slow data speeds when accessing critical information
  • No more missed calls due to no mobile signal
  • No more lost business because mobile devices can't connect within your property
  • No more reduced staff productivity issues due to poor mobile service

So you have no more excuses that it's too expensive or complex to install a suitable solution!

In-building mobile coverage solutions achieve tangible business benefits

Property owners are increasingly required to deliver a world class wireless experience and need to solve the challenge of slow and frustrating mobile experiences within buildings, which can reflect negatively on their business and venue.

  • Increase in-bulding dwell time
  • Increase footfall and drive occupancy levels
  • Increase opportunities to engage customers through effective mobile marketing
  • Improve marketability and attractiveness of the venue to tenants, staff and other occupants that demand a connected experience
  • Facilitate a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) strategy
  • Improve rental and sale values by offering world-class technology and communications infrastructure
  • Reduce reliance on older analogue communications infrastructure
  • Increase productivity of employees and guests using mobile devices
  • Deliver a best-in-class customer/tenant experience, driving up NPS and other customer satisfaction metrics
  • Achieve innovation and infrastructure readiness for IoT, 5G, VR/AR and more

We are a mobile society living in a connected world.  The issues outlined above are driving the demand for In-Building Cellular Solutions.

Get your building connected!