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No mobile signal within buildings! Problems experienced and solutions available

Poor mobile signal creates friction and frustration for users

 When it comes to mobile voice and data, these days we expect things to work – just work – wherever we are and however we move in and out of buildings.  However, this presents challenges for property managers and owners because, depending on the building, it can be a difficult thing to achieve.

If users can’t make a call in the building, they’ll leave, which is a real issue – in a retail environment you’ve potentially, and probably, lost a client.  The same goes for hotels, coffee shops, and restaurants. In a work environment, your staff are not able to work efficiently and be productive.

The challenges and solutions for delivering mobile signal where uses require it most – indoors

In this video, our founding director, Paul Bingham, looks at the challenges and solutions, both historic and current.  One of the things he reveals is how the cost and complexity of deploying mobile signal boosting solutions has changed and costs have reduced.

“I have to admit, in years gone by to deliver Distribution Antenna Systems (DAS) within buildings was very costly and an extremely arduous process.”

Mobile signal enhancement solutions have dropped considerably in cost

Traditional methods of delivering quality, reliable mobile signal indoors have present building owners many challenges: 

  • High upfront capital expenditure 
  • Long contract term (typically 15-20 years)
  • Unfavourable contract terms (favouring the infrastructure provider and mobile operators)
  • Excessive technology footprint, space and power requirements  
  • Lengthy onboarding process (typically 9-18 month) 
  • Painfull contractual process onboarding each mobile operator and working with traditional telecom infrastructure providers 
  • Poor mobile operator take up (typically only one or two providers joining the system)


There are new, cost-effective and innovative solutions to boost the mobile signal in buildings

Today, with small-cell technology, and off-air signal boosting for specific small low capacity requirements in-building signal enhancement solutions can deliver all four mobile operator signals at launch and also at a much-reduced budget compared to traditional approaches.

Selecting a Mobile Infrastructure Partner 

Mobile coverage and connectivity partners should be offering:

  • Flexible commercial terms 
  • Minimal contract length
  • Track record of successfully connecting mobile operators 
  • Direct relationship with the hardware vendor and support agreements in place 
  • Mobile operator approval for chosen coverage solution  


Do you want to improve the mobile signal within your building?

To learn more about our in-building coverage solutions within your building, get in touch.