IoT platforms are rewriting the rules on
Property Operations And Maintenance
- are you ready?

IoT driven Maintenance Management platforms can reduce O&M costs by up to 40%, extend asset lifecycle by 5%, and reduce asset downtime by upto 50%” - McKinsey & Co

Smart Building Technologies

Wednesdays | 13:00 (UK) | 1hr + Q&A

During this hour technology workshop you will understand how a carefully considered
Smart Building and FM Platform optimises 3 Primary Functions : 

Energy Management (Sustainability)

  • Optimise Energy Efficiency 
  • Reduce Energy Bills 
  • Reduce Carbon Emissions 

Building Management (Operations & Maintenance)

  • One platform reduces costs
  • Real-time reporting and alerts
  • Actionable Intelligence

People Management (Workforce Efficiency)

  • Enhance tenant engagement 
  • Personalise tenant experience 
  • Touchless Control 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the outcome of the workshop series?

We come together to share our expertise, knowledge and opinions about the built environment and how to get it future-ready.

by inviting thought leaders;  tech providers;  portfolio owners & more, we aim to offer solutions to your immediate issues around Smart Buildings and Facilities Management.

Who is it for?

  • Building Owners & Investors

  • Building/Facilities Managers 

  • Building Occupiers/Tenants

  • Technology Suppliers/Manufacturers 

  • Technology Consultants/Specifiers 

  • Technology Providers/Systems Integrators

  • Proptech Specialists

What are the primary technologies we cover?

  • 5G Mobile
  • Internet of Things - IoT
  • Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning 
  • Do you host live events?

    Though we’re not able to run in-person events right now (for obvious reasons), there’s still lots of ways you can benefit from the Community. 

    • Weekly drop-in sessions 
    • Spotlight sessions on new technologies and trends from community experts  
    • Monthly meet-up in London

    Paul G Bingham  //  Founder

    “A Smart Connected Building Is Not Something You Buy.  It’s A Journey You Go On!”

    Widely know as one of the most ‘connected’ people within the property and technology sector. Paul has been driving the business case for more sustainable, efficient and cost-effective buildings throughout his 23 year career.  

    He now focuses his time & energy consulting, connecting & collaborating with the key players across the global property & technology value chains to deliver future-ready buildings.  

    Paul Bingham

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